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Ministry Of The Holy Spirit

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Ministry Of The Holy Spirit Most people have been led to believe that self-doubt, self-condemnation, feelings of unworthiness, and conviction for individual sins are the work of the Holy Spirit. But it’s just not true!…

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Devil Worship

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Devil WORSHIP When we think of the mothers who are offering their children today on the altars of Satan, on the altar of the Dance Hall, on the altar of the house of 111 Fame,…

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Man’s Nature

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MAN'S NATURE When Man was created, he was planned a perfect human being with endless human life. He was neither Immortal nor Mortal. The word mortal means "death-doomed" or "Satan-ruled." Immortality means freedom from the…

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High Treason

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HIGH TREASON The sin of Adam was the crime of High Treason. God had conferred upon him the legal authority to rule the Universe. This Universe-wide Dominion was the most sacred heritage that God could…

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Nature Of Man’s Sin

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NATURE OF MAN'S SIN This is the old problem that has confronted Theologians in every generation since Calvary.What was the nature of man's original transgression? It could not have been a broken law for there…

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Guaranteed Failure

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Guaranteed Failure Numbers 14:36-45One of the greatest strategies Satan has used since the beginning of time is to tempt believers to reject God's voice and follow after their own self-will. This strategy is one of…

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Fruits Of Righteousness

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FRUITS OF RIGHTEOUSNES 2 Cor. 9:10, "And increase the fruits of your righteousness." This Scripture has been challenging my spirit for some time. I often wondered what the fruits of Righteousness were. Then I remembered…

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