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Hebrews 3:7-12

God had proven His faithfulness to Israel through mighty signs and wonders greater than anything the world had ever known. He had delivered them out of the land of their enemies. He had revealed Himself to them in lightning, fire and smoke on top of Mount Sinai. He had spoken to them in an audible voice. Yet, poised at the border of the Promised Land, at the crucial point of their spiritual destiny, they forgot God. They forgot the miracles. They forgot His promises.

Instead of listening to the voice of God, they listened to the voice of unbelief. They focused their eyes upon the giants and their own inabilities instead of looking to God and His power to deliver them. Their unbelief was the root cause of their disobedience. Had they rejected the voice of unbelief and refused to listen to the negative report, they would have obeyed God.

When God speaks to you, one of the first things Satan will do is create confusion, fear, and unbelief through other voices. There have been many times in my life when God has spoken to me giving me specific direction concerning a particular course He wanted me to follow in our ministry here at Global Evangelism. Often, after I have shared the direction God gave me, Satan would begin to speak through other voices to get me off course:

  • “The conditions aren’t right. Maybe we should postpone this for a few months.”
  • “Are you sure about the timing on this?”
  • “It’s too dangerous to go into that country right now.”
  • “There just aren’t enough funds to do that.”
  • “Do you think the people will respond to this need?”

There also have been voices that have tried to convince me to compromise what God has directed me to do. I have learned to stay on my face before God until I hear His voice. Then, once I know that God has spoken to me, I shut out all the other voices, regardless of whose they are, and obey God. DON’T HESITATE TO OBEY

Satan’s strategy is to cause you to rebel — to refuse or fail to act upon His Word, to cause you to disobey God when He speaks to you. God may speak to you and direct you to move out into some type of ministry. He may direct you to do something that you feel is beyond your ability. DON’T HESITATE TO OBEY

He may direct you to a particular Scripture and ask you to step out in faith and act on it. If you are facing financial problems, problems in your family, or at work, He may speak to you with a Rhema Word. If you hesitate to obey, you will give Satan an opportunity to speak through other voices and cause you to disobey God. DON’T HESITATE TO OBEY

Don’t hesitate — just obey.

Make this declaration:

I rebuke the voices of fear and unbelief that are causing confusion in my life. I will tune out all other voices except the voice of God. DON’T HESITATE TO OBEY


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