The Obstacle Of Unbelief


During this month’s devotions we are examining the obstacles that will try to prevent us from claiming God’s promises. We have talked about the first obstacle, fear. Now let us move on to the second obstacle which is unbelief.

Beloved, God has shown me that there are many Christians who are under siege by the enemy. They have been under such heavy attack physically and financially, within their families and on their jobs, that their faith has begun to waver. A struggle is going on within them. They believe God is able to deliver them. They believe God can heal their bodies, provide the finances they need, and supply their needs. They believe that His Word and His promises are true. Yet, because they have not yet seen an outward manifestation of the fulfillment of His promises or the answers to their prayers, they have become discouraged and are beginning to question, murmur, and complain.

  • How long must I wait before God intervenes in my circumstances?”
  • “I’ve been fasting and praying, I’ve been claiming God’s promises. Why can’t I get the breakthrough I need?”
  • “Why is God allowing these circumstances in my life?”
  • “How long must I wait before God intervenes in my circumstances?”
  • “Has God forgotten me?”

You may be going through a time when you are being tested. You don’t understand why God has allowed certain circumstances to come into your life. You have become fearful and worried. In your heart, a battle is going on to try to produce enough faith to believe God for the fulfillment of His promises to you. You may be struggling to have faith to believe God for the healing of your body, for a financial need, for the restoration of your marriage, or for some other desperate need and your prayers have seemingly gone unanswered. You don’t know what to do and your faith is beginning to waver.

One of the greatest obstacles that will block you from taking hold of the things you need, from receiving answers to your prayers, and the fulfillment of God’s promises, is unbelief. Unbelief is like the massive walls of Jericho separating and holding the children of Israel back from entering the Promised Land. It separates and prevents you from taking hold of the promises of God. Unbelief blocks and hinders you from walking in total victory in the circumstances you face. It robs you of the blessings God is ready to pour into your life. That is why during the next few days we are going on a march to destroy the wall of unbelief in your life.

Make this declaration:

I am beginning a march to destroy the wall of unbelief in my life. It will come down through the power of God!