7 Habits That Will Help You To Become A Healthier Person



How do you assess if you are a truly healthy person? Is it someone that eats properly, exercises enough, and gets quality sleep? These are all components that affect our health, but they are not the only ones. I have noticed in my life that when I am taking care of my physical needs, such as eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep I can still feel like I am lacking something.

The truth is, we are triune beings; we have a body, soul, and spirit and each one has its own needs. Sometimes, we become so focused on one part of our life that we forget about the others. For instance, we might become a very physically healthy person but spiritually and emotionally we are in desperate need of care.  
I’d propose in the modern equation of ideal health, we are missing a fundamental variable by overlooking our souls.

We need to begin to take the temperature of our inner-man to complete the equation of health and live the fulfilling, vibrant life we were made for. In my life, I began to create habits that nurtured a healthy environment in every area of my life that caused me to be responsive and not just reactive. I believe these 7 habits will have a significant impact on your life, will catapult you into the abundant life available through Christ, and refine you into the noble co-heir with Christ you were created to be. 
If you want to dive deeper into these 7 healthy habits, 

 1. Develop a Rhythm in Your Life Around Your Core Values and God’s Vision. 

When you don’t live with God-given vision, you begin to be defined by the limited lens of others, rather than the divine victorious  vision that will advance you into your divine destiny. Ask God how He sees you and cling to this vision. 

2. In Challenging Situations, Ask God for His Perspective.

In challenging moments, our imaginations can easily begin to play like a movie; flashing scenes of horror, inflicting fear and enticing the worst-cast scenario to unfold in the front of our minds. Put an abrupt end to the horror movie in your mind by challenging the thoughts of fear with the perspective of faith. Then, begin to create the redemptive version of the movie and play it on the screen of your redeemed imagination.

3. Past Failures Become Present Wisdom When We Process Them Through the Cross. 

In the Kingdom of God, mistakes are like a full-ride scholarship to the advanced degree of your destiny. They are the very things that provide you the skills and tools necessary to become an expert rather than crumbling under the weight of your mistake. When facing a failure, choose to be refined, not defined, by it. 

4. Make it Your Goal to Have No Offense Toward Anyone.

Forgiveness is not just your royal right but it is also your inherited responsibility as a co-heir with Christ. I’d propose that forgiveness releases you from the tether of past pain, liberates from the torment of offense, and launches you into your divine destiny. Seek to forgive; your life will bear the fruit of the reciprocal freedom.

5. Respect Yourself.

Boundaries are vital to respect, and respect is soil for a prospering soul. Boundaries recognize a need without condemning your soul, they become the door to connection and a key to love. It is crucial to remember this: your ability to love others first flows from your love for God and yourself. 

6. Live to Please the Lord, Not People. 

Pleasing others is the impossible task assigned by perfectionism and performance, and it lacks credibility and purpose. Pleasing others paints the false illusion you will be successfully accurate in your efforts—don’t be fooled. The success of pleasing others is poor, rarely does it please one without disappointing others. Rather, be eager to love the Lord and pursue Him in all areas of your life. Seeking to please the Lord will create an environment that will allow you to thrive. 

7. Laugh Often

Our weaknesses can be evident and seem to be the continual perpetuation of our problems. The truth is, the reward for our weakness is the strength of the Lord. Rather than holding to the humiliation of incapabilities and agony of your inadequacy, rejoice in the Lord’s strength made manifest through your weakness. Seek the joy of the Lord; that will be your strength. 

I want to encourage you to implement these habits one day at a time. There is no need to bite off more than you can chew when beginning to develop new habits in your life. I challenge you this week to take one habit for each day of the week and have it be your focus for the whole day. Like most things in life, you may not see results overnight, but rest assured that they are at work, watering your soul.

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