Bring Back The Glory

Bring Back The Glory

We have traced the Old Testament account of the journey of the Ark of God during the past few days, drawing spiritual significance to its movement. For over 20 years, the Ark — which symbolized God’s presence — was lost to God’s people.

There finally came a day when the Lord found a man after His own heart who would not rest until the Ark of God’s glory was fully restored to His people. That man was King David. In 1 Chronicles 13:1-7 we read of David’s first attempt to bring back the Ark. Because the Philistines had carried the Ark on a cart he thought Israel might move it in a similar way, so he placed it on an oxcart. When the oxen stumbled, two men reached up to steady it and they were stricken dead.

Judgment fell because the Ark was not moved the way God had commanded. David later recalls this experience in 1 Chronicles 15:1-24. He said the first attempt to bring back the glory was “not after the due order.” The glory of God could not return on a man-made cart. It had to return according to God’s plan.

We have tried to bring the glory back through man-made carts. We have tried programs and rituals and called for unity and brotherhood. Interesting enough, the names of the two men who died for touching the ark mean strength (Uzza) and brotherly (Ahio). Our man-made carts may look strong and brotherly, but the end result of man-made carts is stumbling, slipping, sliding, and eventually…death. The best ox-carts of our own making will never be good enough to carry God’s glory. If the glory is to return, it must return God’s way.

Turn to 1 Chronicles 13-17 and read about the successful return of the Ark. David didn’t let past failure defeat him. He held on to his dream. He set an objective — “Let us bring again the ark of our God to us” (1 Chronicles 13:3) — then he rose up to make the dream a reality. This time, David brought the Ark back God’s way.

It is interesting to note that on the way to Jerusalem the procession bearing the Ark stopped every six paces to sacrifice an ox and a fatling. It is estimated that it is between 12 and 15 kilometers from the ancient site of Obed-edom’s house where the Ark was to Mt. Zion. It would probably take a man about 30,000 paces to cover that distance, which means the procession stopped 3,500 times to make sacrifices enroute to Mt. Zion! It wasn’t easy. The trip was long, expensive, and bloody. But there was no sacrifice that David wasn’t willing to make to get back the glory.

Now let me ask you…Is your desire that great for God’s glory? Just how much do we want the Ark of God’s presence among us? We’ve talked about it. We’ve longed for it. We’ve tried to bring it on man-made carts. Now the Ark of God — His glory and presence is near — it is only a short distance away. God is just waiting for men and women with enough vision — enough longing for His presence — to rise up and lead the way!

Make this declaration:

God’s manifested presence is within me — all I need to do is rise up in power and authority and release it.


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