What is holding us back from taking the spoils in our cities and nations? Fear! Satan is releasing a spirit of fear to attack the minds of God’s people and bring them into such bondage they are unable to release their faith and take the spoils of victory that belong to them. The Church today is bound by fear…

…Fear of man…

…Fear of failure…

…Fear of Satan and his demons…

…Fear of persecution…

…Fear of death.

Satan’s objective today is to build a stronghold of fear in your mind…

…To stop you from taking possession of your spiritual inheritance.

…To cause you to disobey God.

…To immobilize your faith.

…To stop you from reaching spiritual maturity where you are manifesting the power of God.

…To stop you from doing the work God has given you to do.

…To stop you from operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, God has set you free from fear and it is possible for you to be bold, strong, and fearless as you face every circumstance in your life. Not only is it possible, God expects you to be fearless and invincible

It is time for you to put your foot on the neck of your enemies. It is time to move in and take the spoils of your home, your city, your nation. It is time for finances to be released into your hands. It is time for your healing, your deliverance, and the salvation of your loved ones.

It’s time for God’s army to boldly and fearlessly march into battle and take the spoils of victory that belong to us! Do it right now…claim the spoils!

Make this declaration:

I’m doing it right now! I’m claiming the spoils of victory in every area of my life. I’m taking back what Satan has stolen from me! Luke 11:15-22

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