Coming To The End Of Yourself

The woman with the issue of blood had spent all she had on physicians and was no better. We thank God for good doctors. We thank God for medical science and its advanced technology that is helping overcome disease and sickness, but we also believe there is only one power in heaven and earth that has the final word in the healing of our afflictions — and that is the power of God.

This lady in the Bible story spent everything she had. She is like so many people of our day: They have taken all the pills, had all the treatments, and done everything in the natural that is possible for them to do — then they have been sent home to die. No more hope.

It is difficult for man to receive from the hand of an omnipotent God until he has come to the end of self. Oh, the heartache that is ours because we try to work out our problems. Oh, the dead-end streets we travel on this earth because we try to take situations into our own hands and try to find the solutions in ourselves.

You have never seen a more lonely person than the self-centered individual. You have never seen a person more in despair. No person possesses more grief than the individual who lets “I” rule and reign in his life. The power that brought the curse of sin, sickness, despair, sorrow, pain, and misery upon man was the assertion of man’s will as he rose up with his own will against God. God gave each person an authority over his mind, his spirit, his total being. But man used that god-like power against God and chose to disobey the…“Thus saith the Lord.”

From that moment in the garden of Eden until the moment our blessed Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, came to this earth — from that moment of the first Adam to that moment of the second Adam — there was one primary purpose of God and that was to get man off the throne of his heart and return him to his rightful relationship with God.

There was only one way that could happen. Man must surrender all that he has, all that he is, and all he possesses back to God. There would be no more “I, me, mine,” but it would be “the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me” (Galatians 2:20).

The woman with the issue of blood came to the end of her self.

  • It is only as we come to the end of self that we position ourselves spiritually to receive from the Lord.
  • It is only as we come to the end of self that we are ready to receive God’s help.
  • It is only as we come to the end of self that we can learn how to lean completely on God for His supernatural supply.

Let self die!

Make this declaration:

I have come to the end of myself. I am ready to receive God’s help and lean completely on Him for His supernatural supply.


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