Developing A Vision


If we are to ever claim our spiritual inheritance, we must have a vision. Joshua and Caleb saw Canaan and never lost that vision until they entered in to claim the promises of God. This vision involves seeing beyond the natural world into the spiritual world. It is understanding the divine purpose of God and recognizing your part in His plan. Spiritual vision provides direction. It provides challenge and structure for life. Without it, people become spiritually dead. Habakkuk 2:1-5

If you are to be a participator instead of a mere spectator in this new flow of God’s power, then you must allow Him to birth spiritual vision in you. The natural birth process which brings a human baby into the world is similar to the process of the birth of a vision in the spirit world. You will experience the following stages: Conception, development, travail, transition, and — finally — the birth.

Conception: “Conception” means to create. A spiritual vision is created in your spirit by God, just as a baby is conceived in its mother’s womb. Conception in the natural world occurs through intimacy, and the same is true in the spirit world. You must develop a new level of intimacy through prayer and the Word to prepare you to receive the vision.

In these early stages — just as an expectant mother with morning sickness — we experience some difficulties. But each obstacle becomes an opportunity for the demonstration of God’s power as we prepare to receive the manifestation of the vision which has been instilled in us.

Development: When a woman is impregnated, an embryo is formed and from these basic cells of life all other features emerge. When God plants a vision within you, the basic vision — like the human cell of life — remains the same, but the features continually change.

The focus will always remain the same, but the details of the vision will continually develop. Like a growing embryo, its features will not be the same as it was yesterday, last week, or last month. This development will be a stretching experience — as it is in the natural world within the body of a mother — but the embryo must continue to develop or it will die.

Just as a mother who carries a child within her body, keep your focus on the vision. While a baby is developing, a pregnant mother will deny herself certain things for the good of the child. She watches her diet and monitors her activities. The same is true spiritually. If you are to receive the vision God wants to instill in you, you must deny yourself. You must monitor your spiritual diet and guard against activities that can abort your vision. You may have to set aside your own plans and ambitions, your own schedules and preconceived ideas.

Are you ready to get spiritually pregnant?

Make this declaration:

I am ready to get spiritually pregnant. The dreams and visions of God are being conceived in my spiritual womb.


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