Disobedience Is Sin


The city of Jericho actually was Israel’s from the very day they began their first march around its massive walls. They had God’s promise and that was the same as if Jericho already belonged to them, but they were unable to take possession of it until they completed all God had directed them to do. Joshua 6:1-20

The powerful key to their great victory in taking the city of Jericho was not based upon Israel’s natural abilities, their military strategies, their wisdom, or their strength. It was based upon their obedience. At any time during their seven marches around the walls of Jericho if they had failed to do what God directed them to do, they would have forfeited God’s promise. The walls would not have fallen and they would not have taken possession of Jericho.

Disobedience will block you from taking possession of the promises God has given you. It will hinder your personal relationship with God and, unless it is dealt with, it will cause you to forfeit your spiritual inheritance.

Our entire relationship with God is based upon obedience. If there is no obedience, there can be no relationship. Our God, Who is altogether holy, pure, and undefiled, cannot be joined together in covenant relationship with those who are disobedient and rebellious. He will not do it!

Disobedience and rebellion cut off communication and separates us from God. When Adam and Eve rebelled against God in the Garden of Eden, their intimate relationship with Him was broken. They were driven from the garden and separated from God. When the children of Israel continued to rebel against God in spite of His warnings, He hid His face from them and their relationship was broken (Deuteronomy 31:17). God’s covenant with Abraham was based upon obedience. By faith he obeyed and obtained the promise (Hebrews 11:8).

Disobedience is sin and if you fail to acknowledge it and repent, it will lead to defeat and destruction. The Church today is filled with Christians who are living defeated lives, unable to take possession of their inheritance as joint-heirs of the Kingdom of God because they are walking in disobedience to God and His Word.

Many have refused to hear the Word of God, have closed their ears to hear the truth, and are only willing to hear those things which “tickle” their ears. They are living in rebellion, following their own self-will. Others have yielded to the temptations Satan has placed before them and have compromised the Word of God to accommodate their own fleshly desires. As a result of their continual disobedience, they are living defeated lives because disobedience is sin.

Make this declaration:

I recognize disobedience for what it is — sin. I will not live a defeated life because of disobedience.

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