For many people, Christmas is a very joyous time of year. Family, holiday decorations, snowfall, presents, good food — these are all things that we enjoy at this time of year. But Christmas is also a very sad time for some people — for those who have suffered a great loss, for those who are alone, and for those who have painful memories of past holidays.

How often in times of sadness like these we see dark clouds of despair, when, if we but lifted eyes, we could see the glory of the Lord, high and lifted up. Like Isaiah, our lives could be transformed by the vision.

The death of a loved one saddens our hearts. Many times we fail to understand why a loved one has been taken from us. The loss of a mate through divorce, a lost job, a rebellious son or daughter — there are many sorrows that come into our lives which we do not understand.

Yet, we can know that in every situation God stands ready to fill every void in our life with His presence. We must fix our attention on that One upon Whom we can depend and upon Whom our eyes should be fixed.

Some look upon God with blame during a time of trouble, but let us, like Isaiah, see Him in His rightful place as a loving Father Who assures us that whatever is removed from our lives, “…underneath are the everlasting arms” (Deuteronomy 33:27).

In times of distress and sorrow, you must learn to lean heavily upon those everlasting arms and lift your eyes to Him Who is high and lifted up. There is no greater time for God’s presence to be manifested in your life than at Christmas. He manifested His glory to the shepherds on the hillsides of Bethlehem. He revealed His glory to the wise men through a star. God wants to manifest His glory to you through the greatest gift ever given — His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Instead of focusing on your sorrow, loneliness, and your bitter memories this Christmas, look above it all to see the Lord, high and lifted up. The same presence that is your most powerful spiritual weapon is also your greatest comfort in times of need.

Make this declaration:

On this special day, I see Jesus Christ high and lifted up over the circumstances of my life. Isaiah 6:1-5

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