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“Thou shalt increase my greatness, and comfort me on every side”(Psalm 71:21).

When your level of greatness goes up, your level of comfortability will also go up. You’ll live a more comfortable life. You will be able to afford the great comfort of this life.

Psalm 71:21, “You will make me truly great and take my sorrow away.”(CEV)

“Greatness” here means, “surpassing others”, being outstanding. And to be outstanding means to distinguish yourself in such a way that you stand out.

God doesn’t want you to be like everyone else, He wants you to stand out. He wants you to be number one everywhere you go and in everything you do; to be the head and only and not the tail; above only and never beneath. That is why, no matter how great you are, He wants to increase your greatness.


The measure of your usefulness sets the height and boundary for your greatness. Jesus said in Luke 22:24-27 that the most humble and most useful person among us is the greatest.

Our greatness isn’t measured by how many people that serve us, it’s measured by how many people we serve. The one who serves more, and with excellence, and has a dependable character, the same is the greatest.

_What is your level of service?_ Is your business serving anyone or yourself? Can you increase its usefulness? How about at work, can you make yourself more relevant?

When you are relevant, no one can make you irrelevant. Someone else can take your position, but there will be a bigger position for you.

If someone else takes your role, ask yourself, is he more effective? If he or she is more effective, why should you insist on taking a role in which you are less effective? Be grateful to God and create a new opportunity for yourself.

Otherwise, be the best at your work that no can one take your crown (Revelation 3:11). Become so good at what you do that you become irreplaceable. The one who takes your job takes your crown.

Develop a reputation for 1. Speed 2. dependability and 3. quality work and you will never take a back seat to anyone in life, you will always be number one. No matter where you are you will always stand out.


The one who has speed doesn’t waste time. He gets a lot done in a short time. He reaches his goals faster. He doesn’t take long to deliver.

If it is a day’s job, get it done in a day, it shouldn’t go up to tomorrow. We can’t wait for a person who gets a day’s job done in a week, he is too slow.

Become known for speed.

A lot of people lose business because they are too slow. You may have quality products/services, but if you are slow, the one who is fast will replace you.

1. Learn to plan and priorities your work before you start. Make a list of everything you have to do. Set priorities on your list. Separate the important from the unimportant. Always work on the task that your boss/client/ leader, considers to be the most important, and stay with it till it’s done.

2. Do things quickly. When you have decided that a job is an important start on it immediately. You must have a sense of urgency.

Every opportunity is an opportunity for more opportunities, if you miss one opportunity, you don’t know what you’ve really missed.

Be more than punctual, be early. Finish fast and finish first.

Never keep your leader/client/ boss waiting. You should be the one waiting on them. When this happens you’ve set yourself on the fast track to the top.

Learn to redeem time. You can actually buy the future. You can decide right now that you are going to spend quality time with your children by choosing to do the work of 20 years in 7 years. Some people can’t go for a holiday, if they’d go for a week, they’d be broke, they haven’t bought the future.

Are you in school? Finish the curriculum before your lecturer does. Don’t just study ahead, study more, and learn to think outside the box, otherwise you can never rethink some of the flaws of the scientific world and change them. You can’t make your world better if you don’t think outside the box.

Don’t study to pass an exam, that’s for decorated failures. Study to change the world, and the lesser is included in the greater.


Dependability is a mark of faithfulness. Someone is not faithful who is not dependable.

Faithfulness is about commitment to something in such a way that you are dependable. When you are dependable you are loyal, you keep your word, and you stay true to expected standards.

Don’t cheat your customers. If you do, God will see you and there will be replications.

Genesis 49:1-4

Reuben had everything going well for him, but he had one thing lacking, a dependable character. His father, Jacob had invested so much in him, he said to him: _*”thou art my firstborn, my might, and the beginning of my strength, The excellency of dignity, and the excellency of power” but “Unstable as water, thou shalt not excel”

In spite of how good he was at what he did, in spite of his speed, his character disqualified him. He had an unstable personality.

The Hebrew word translated “unstable” here means _”unrestrained” and _”undisciplined.”_

He slept with his father’s concubine.

A stable character is a dependable character.

How stable are you?

Learn to restrain yourself from doing wrong and to discipline yourself to do right all the time. if you don’t, you won’t excel.

Live a principled life.

You will find that someone is so gifted, but his character. Dear God!

Ensure that there is nowhere the grace of God can take you where your character can’t keep you.


Proverbs 22:29, “Observe people who are good at their work – skilled workers are always in demand and admired; they don’t take a back seat to anyone.” (MSG).

To be a skilled worker, or diligent worker, one must exercise care, persistence and determination in ensuring excellence in what they do. It means giving the required degree of care in a given situation. You put your best into your work by paying attention to detail.

Extraordinary rewards go to extraordinary performers. :

Daniel 6:1-4. Daniel was a foreigner in this land, yet he was preferred among all the top leaders, why? He had an excellent spirit.

How excellent are you at what you do?

If you are not excellent, you can’t be great.

A training in excellence is training for greatness.

The Spirit of God trains us to be excellent in different ways. Sometimes, He uses seemingly insignificant things to train us for greatness. Imagine you come to church and find the place not yet prepared for the service. An excellent person will start helping out to prepare the place for the meeting even though it’s not his job. If you can see a need in God’s house and respond, God will trust you with opportunities for greatness in life.

If you consistently manifest excellence in the seemingly small things of life, you’re programming your spirit for greatness.

Greatness is in the quality of your personality. If you increase your value, you will increase your worth. A worker is worth his pay.

To be promoted or get a raise, it is not enough that you’ve prayed for it, you must make yourself worth the amount you want to be getting, otherwise you will be robbing the company. Until you outgrow your current level, you are not ready for the next level.

Anyone who promotes the company will soon get promoted. If you don’t believe in what the company stands for, don’t compromise your righteousness, look for another job.

Don’t rest until you are the best in your field.

Don’t stop until you are at the top.

Be diligent to make your dream work. You can grow your business.

Two things you need to stir yourself for more greatness:

1. Prayer

Daniel 6:10. The excellent man, Daniel, would pray 3 times a day. If you want to walk in divine excellence you must maintain vital contact with Divinity through prayer.

Prayer will condition your spirit for the next level. It will position you for the opportunities ahead.

In prayer, you can receive solutions to problems that don’t exit yet; you can obtain grace to help in time of need. Daniel, for example, had an angel waiting for him in the Lion’s den when he was cast their by those who wanted his position.

When you maintain a strong prayer life, angels will go ahead of you and shut the mouths of lions for you. Nothing can devour a prayerful man. Hallelujah!

2. The word

Daniel 9:1-3. Daniel, the excellent man, was mighty in Scriptures. He searched the Scriptures daily and lived by them.

Don’t take the word lightly.

Don’t take church meetings lightly, they will sharpen your mind and spirit for speed, they will help you develop a dependable character, and give you an excellent spirit.

Refuse to be small. You came here for something. Don’t live for nothing.

Be known for 1. Speed. 2. Dependable character 3. Quality work, be prayer and wordful, and no system will be able to stop you.

Don’t just shine. Let your light so shine that men will glorify your Father for your life.

You are going to shake this world. Glory to God!

Go ahead and speak in tongues


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