No New Tricks

No New Tricks

You give Satan power when you constantly acknowledge his alleged power and attribute every bad thing that happens in your life to him as though he had the ability to manipulate every circumstance to destroy you.

  • You give Satan power when you backslide into sin, believing in your mind that sin will not harm your relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • You give Satan power when you constantly give him attention.
  • You give him power to perpetuate his lies in your mind through your sins and false perceptions of his powers.

How do you change this process?

Begin to recognize the devil as the pathetic liar he really is. He has no new tricks!

He is still using the same old lies and deceptions he used in the garden of Eden to try to lure God’s people into a fiery hell. Get it clear in your mind, your heart, and your spirit, once and for all, that the devil does not operate in unlimited power. The only power he has is rooted in lying signs and wonders operating through deception in your mind.

  • The devil wants you to believe he has power.
  • The devil wants you to believe you are his victim.
  • The devil wants you to believe he can do whatever he wants to you.

But let’s take the mask off! It is time for the Body of Christ to put this nonsense aside once and for all and recognize that we have the entire armor of God and the power of Christ at our disposal. It is time to walk in the heritage of the King.

Many Christians honestly believe they are weak and powerless against the devil and that Satan can somehow overcome them with mysterious powers that they cannot resist. The devil wants to plant a false fear into the hearts of Christians. He wants you to believe you are no match for his power.

The strategy here is clear: If Satan can keep you believing that he has more power than you do as a Christian, then you will walk in fear, afraid to face him in any confrontation.

The devil will become the thing you fear most in life, and you will live each day wondering where his next attack will come from and how you can defend yourself against a foe that is stronger than you.

Satan has no power in your life until you give it to him by sinning or accepting his lies. We give Satan the advantage — he cannot take it himself. Sin gives Satan an advantage in our spiritual warfare with him. When we stay in the will of God, free from sin, and are not ignorant of the devil’s devices, then we can win the war every single time.

Make this declaration:

I am not a victim of the devil. I am a victor through the power of God. I will win every battle every time.

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