Satan’s Propaganda

Satan’s Propaganda

During the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Israel’s armies were the victims of a surprise attack. The major strategy Egypt used against Israel was to feed them misinformation about themselves. Egypt began a “misinformation” campaign. Through a series of foreign press interviews in Egypt, they confirmed the misconceptions the Israelis had concerning the Egyptian lack of preparedness for war. A newspaper article in the London Daily Telegraph with a Cairo dateline described the poor maintenance of equipment in the Egyptian army and their lack of preparedness. A special staff was assembled to make sure this misinformation was confirmed.

In mid-September, major exercises were under way in Egypt, but Israeli military personnel were deceived into thinking they were nothing more than simple maneuvers. These repeated exercises were actually part of the Egyptian plan of deception and were so successful they not only deceived Israel but many other countries, including the United States.

Early in the morning of October 6, 1973, as the Israeli Cabinet was assembling to discuss a report that an attack would be launched against them, the Egyptian and Syrian armies struck. The Egyptian army had chosen October 6 because it was one of Israel’s holy days — Yom Kippur (the Jewish Day of Atonement) — and they felt Israel’s preparedness would be at its lowest on that day.

Egypt’s strategy is considered the most outstanding plan of deception in the course of military history. Had the Israeli armies been prepared — had they known the power of their enemy, had the defense system been fully manned with the necessary artillery, armor, and air support — the enemy would have been prevented from making meaningful gains and many lives would have been spared.

All truth is parallel. For hundreds of years, the Church has been fed propaganda concerning Satan, his power and how he operates upon the earth today. Satan has lied and deceived many Christians into believing that as “prince” of this world, he in control. He has planted false fear in the hearts of many Christians, causing them to think they are weak and powerless against his attacks on their bodies, their finances, and their loved ones. He has succeeded in getting many to deny his existence. He has distorted his image, causing many to perceive him as having horns, a tail, carrying a pitchfork, and confined to the flames of hell.

This is God’s hour for His people to rise up in power! It’s time for us to strip the mask off Satan, to expose him and his strategies.

Make this declaration:

It is time for me to rise up in power. It is time for me to strip the mask off Satan and expose him and his strategies.

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