Spiritual Israel


During Israel’s Jubilee, there was to be a release of property, debt, slavery — all that had been lost was to be restored. This release was not just something God suggested that Israel do, but it was “the Lord’s release!” God was declaring complete and total liberty for His people!

God wants you to experience a Spiritual Jubilee. It is time for you to reclaim everything the devil has stolen from you!

…Reclaim your health.
…Reclaim your family.
…Reclaim your ministry.
…Reclaim it all!

God wants you to have liberty in every area of your life…physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. He wants you to experience total freedom from every bondage of the enemy — sinful habits, wrong attitudes and emotions, and your past!

This is the time for taking back all Satan has stolen from you! It is time to take back property, finances, lost loved ones, ministries, dreams — anything Satan has robbed you of in the past. It is time for the devil to give it all back!

God wants you to experience a new, fresh release of the Spirit. He wants you to enter into a new dimension of rest from your financial struggles and get plugged in to God’s Cycle of Supernatural Provision.

Too many times we are confused about God’s will. We question…
…Is it God’s will for my family to face these financial difficulties?
…Is it God’s will for my children to live in sin, rebellious, and away from God?
…Is it God’s will for me to have this physical infirmity in my body?

Often, we are mistakenly taught that these things are the will of God. Yet God never intended you to live in defeat. He does not want you to be in poverty, barely getting by in this life. He never intended you to be held in the cruel bondage of sin and sickness. Jesus died for your sin on the cross of Calvary. He bore your sickness. He bought your freedom! Total. Complete. No exceptions!

How can you know that this Spiritual Jubilee is God’s will for you? God established Jubilee for His children — Israel — and as a New Testament believer, you are spiritual Israel! The same promises God gave to Abraham are yours because you are a spiritual Israelite (Galatians 3:29). You have an even greater covenant established on new and better promises through the Lord Jesus Christ (Hebrews 8:6).

Make this declaration:

I am reclaiming my health, my family, and my ministry. He bought my freedom, so I can experience jubilee in every area of my life.

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