Psalm 150:1-6

A long time ago, God gave me a formula for success. All success in life comes from dealing with people, places, and things exactly as they are, and not as we think they should be. If we deal with people after the way we are ourselves or the way we think they should be, we will fail to influence them. This formula works in business, personal relationships, and every sphere of life. It worked for Joshua as he led Israel into their promised land.

Now, the big question: How do we deal with God as a human being with human limitations? Many people do not have success with God because they do not deal with Him as He really is. They deal with Him as they are. You cannot deal with God as a human being. He is God!

What does the word “God” mean? God means “One who must be worshiped as having supernatural power: The Supreme Being.” I wish this were the criteria for the establishing of our churches. We are not to be just another club. We have no purpose for being if we do not believe that God is real, that He hears and answers prayers, and that He is truly supernatural and supreme over all.

The word “supernatural” means “that which goes beyond the law and power of nature.” God is not confined to natural laws. He created nature! He is everywhere present at the same time. He is right where you are. He said, “Let there be light” and there was light. He said, “Let the firmament appear” and it was so.

He is God, supernatural, with ability to do or go beyond any laws. “Supreme” means the Highest, the Greatest, the Final Authority. There is no law, no being, no force, no power, no might, no rank, higher than the authority of God. He is the Supreme Commander of everything on earth, in the universe, and beyond. Now, if you deal with God like this, friend, you will discover that all things are possible to him that believes.

What is your relationship with God? Do you deal with Him after your own self? Or do you recognize Him as supernatural? When the Church of Jesus Christ recognizes God as the Supreme Being with supernatural capabilities to meet every need, we will again witness the manifestation of God as did the disciples. We will not have mere forms of Godliness that deny the power, but we will experience the genuine manifestation of His Power THE GREATNESS OF GOD 1.

Let’s deal with God as He is — supernatural, over all, above all!

Make this declaration:

I claim Your supernatural power in my life. You are overall and above all. With You, all things are possible!


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