Building Character

The story of Joseph is another excellent biblical example of the transfer of wealth from the wicked to the righteous. This young man was content to be the favorite in his father’s house, wearing better clothing and being preferred above his brethren, but God had greater plans for him. You, too, may be content with your present circumstances. Many of us settle for a lesser role than God intends for our lives. Sometimes He has to let us experience conflict, as Joseph did, in order for us to fulfill our potential in God — even in the area of wealth!

Joseph stood to inherit a great deal from his father and it was very likely that Jacob would have given Joseph more of an inheritance than his brothers because he was his favorite. But God had more in mind for Joseph and He has more in mind for you because you are a key part of this end-time, harvest time cycle.

In order for us to fulfill God’s plan, there must be one last great wealth transfer. To enable us to receive that transfer, God must get us out of our comfort zone just as he got Joseph out of his comfort zone. Sold into slavery in Egypt and wrongly accused and incarcerated, Joseph did not forget the dreams God gave him when he was a young man. In the face of seeming defeat, he continued to believe and maintain his integrity and character.

When he was a slave, Joseph had a heart to be the best he could. When he was in prison, he was an exemplary inmate (Genesis 39:21-23).

In order to participate in this last great wealth transfer, we must be people of integrity like Joseph. Without character, great wealth will destroy us: “… the prosperity of fools shall destroy them” (Proverbs 1:32).

God knows that many people in the Church have so little character when it comes to finances that a great wealth transfer into their lives would cause destruction. God is not interested in giving us something that would destroy us, but He is interested in tempering us and building character to get us to the place where we can handle anything He would grant us.

How is His character building process coming along in you?

Make this declaration:

God is building character in me so I will be properly equipped to can handle anything.


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