Trials like those experienced by Joseph build character. If you want to be blessed financially beyond your wildest imagination, you must go through a character-building process that tempers you to the point that you will be able to properly handle the resources God wants to put into your hands. After you develop the proper character in your life, there will be a natural flow of the power of God that will result in a transfer of wealth. God will preserve you always

Genesis 41:41-46

Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I now put you in charge of Egypt.” Then Pharaoh took off his signet ring and put it on Joseph’s finger. He had Joseph dressed in robes of fine linen and put a gold chain around his neck. He had him ride in the chariot of the second-in-command. Men ran ahead of him and shouted, “Make way!” Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of Egypt.

He also said to Joseph, “Even though I am Pharaoh, no one anywhere in Egypt will do anything without your permission.” Pharaoh named Joseph Zaphenathpaneah and gave him Asenath as his wife. She was the daughter of Potiphera, priest from the city of On. Joseph traveled around Egypt. Joseph was 30 years old when he entered the service of Pharaoh (the king of Egypt). He left Pharaoh and traveled all around Egypt.

God will not transfer great amounts of wealth for ministry into the hands of those who lack character and refuse to support the kingdom of God with their finances! God has a purpose for your wealth, even as He had a purpose for Joseph’s control of the wealth of the greatest nation on the earth!

Joseph rose from being a slave and prisoner to being the ruler of all Egypt, second only to Pharaoh. He had authority over all the wealth of what was then the world’s greatest kingdom. This position eventually gave him the ability to spare God’s people from death during a terrible famine.

God transferred control of Egypt’s wealth into Joseph’s hands for a powerful purpose: To preserve God’s people in the midst of the famine. God will once again make a powerful, tremendous transfer of wealth — the last great wealth transfer. The wealth of the wicked will be transferred into the hands of the righteous, and again, it will be for a specific purpose: To support the greatest evangelistic thrust the world has ever known.

God never intended the wealth of the world to be in the hands of the ungodly. Never! The wealth of the world belongs to God and He wants to release it into the hands of His people to accomplish His purposes.

Remember — we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but we wrestle against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness that are in the high places of the earth. If you are going to break the cycle of financial defeat in your life and receive the wealth of the world then you must learn how to ward off fear, doubt, and unbelief.

Joseph supplied all of the world with the resources of Egypt’s storehouse. God’s storehouse is even bigger. His storehouse is inexhaustible. Regardless of the financial needs you have, there is more than enough to supply all of those needs with a vast surplus. God’s supply is never diminished. His supernatural supply cannot be measured.


God will preserve me regardless of the circumstances around me. He is raising me up to be mightily used of God in the great end-time harvest.


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