Don’t Let Satan Catch Off Guard


During the past few weeks we have demolished three major strongholds that stand in the way of claiming our spiritual inheritance: Disobedience, the flesh, and the tongue. As we conclude our devotions for this month, I want to warn you that Satan will try to catch you off guard and attack you in each of these areas. 2 Samuel 11:1-27

King David, one of the most powerful men of God in the Bible who was called a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22) fell into Satan’s trap through temptation. David’s fall came at a time of political and military victory. Have you ever noticed that when everything seems to be caught up, there is money in the bank, and things are going smoothly, how easy it is to slack off in your prayer time and Bible study? Over a period of time, a spirit of complacency sets in and you become an easy target for Satan.

Satan often tempts us after we have experienced a great spiritual victory. This was the case with David. He was tempted at a time of prosperity in the kingdom. He was the king of Jerusalem, lived in a beautiful palace on Mount Zion, had a royal court, and a powerful army. At the time appointed for him to go to battle, he remained in Jerusalem. David had fought and won many battles and apparently, he decided it was time to relax.

In our spiritual battle against Satan there is no time for us to relax and let down our guard! The moment we begin to relax — to let down on our prayer time, stop reading the Word, and stop watching for Satan’s attacks — the devil will seize the opportunity to attack us. This is exactly what happened to David. Satan set the temptation right in front of David. David took a woman who was not his wife and when she was later found to be pregnant he set her husband up to be killed.

Beloved, don’t relax your guard. Don’t let down on your prayer and Bible study. Guard what you hear and see. Don’t let evil thoughts and desires enter your heart and mind. You must be ever vigilant if you are to remain obedient to God. You must be on guard if you are to conquer the flesh. You must be in control through the power of the Holy Spirit if you are to conquer your tongue.

Make this declaration:

I will remain vigilant. I will maintain control of my tongue through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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