Face Your Enemy

Face Your Enemy

Look back over our daily readings for the past week and you will see that in Jehoshaphat’s prayer the first four steps are taken by man toward God. In step five, however, we see the beginning of God’s answer.

God’s message through His prophet to the king and the people of Judah was, “I have heard your prayer.” What a fantastic word of assurance! The most beautiful thing about the Word of God and the Holy Spirit is that when we follow the same path in prayer as Jehoshaphat, we too can hear in our innermost being: “I have heard your prayer!”

The answer came to Jehoshaphat, and the answer will come to you! As a servant of the living God, I can guarantee you that as you humble yourself before God, the answer will come. It will come with such unmistakable clarity so you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you have heard from God and your deliverance is on the way.

Listen to the assurance that the word of the Lord brings to the king and the people: “Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude…” (verse 15). Living in constant fear is a living hell. There is nothing worse except hell itself.

When humility came and the king got off the throne and, in essence, said, “Lord, you deliver the people because I can’t,” then the Spirit of God showed them exactly where the enemy was. You cannot deal with your problem until you know exactly what it is. You must be ready and willing to face it head on. You can’t cover it over and pretend that it isn’t there.

The element of trust is manifested in your life when you are ready to face your enemy completely unarmed in your own strength. This is a vital point. When the Spirit of God shows you exactly where your enemy is, there is a great temptation to do a little of your own warfare on the side. At least to have something in reserve to protect yourself when you stand face to face before your adversary.

God emphasized again to the king and the people: “…Fear not, nor be dismayed … for the Lord will be with you.” Trust the Holy Spirit as you face the enemy today.

Make this declaration:

I am not afraid. I am not dismayed. I am trusting the Holy Spirit as I face the enemy today.

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