Put The Battle Into His Hands

When God sends His answer, receive it with a willing and open heart, even if it breaks every rule of human understanding. Men today want to put God in a test tube and dissect Him according to the rules of logic. Let me tell you something: God is not always logical according to our rules of logic, because the smartest man that ever lived (apart from Jesus) only “knew in part.” The whole picture has never been revealed to man because finite minds are unable to contain it.

As long as we remain shackled to the natural world, there are things that God will ask us to do that appear unreasonable. This is where our trust comes to the forefront: our natural minds must be overruled, and we must put our complete trust in Him.

I am sure that you can see that each one of these steps we are meditating on leads to the next, and unless you are ready and willing to take each step as a part of your road to complete victory for body, soul and spirit, you cannot take the next.

Two words are repeated in 2 Chronicles 20:15 that are important for us to understand. We have mentioned the word “fear,” but let us also close this step with a brief definition of the meaning of “dismayed.” “Dismay” means to be filled with apprehension and lose our courage and confidence at the prospect of danger or trouble. You have heard the well-worn story about the day the devil decided to sell every tool and weapon and device that he possessed: that is everything with only one exception: The wedge of discouragement was not for sale.

If we have absolute trust, there is no room for discouragement. That wedge has no place to get a foothold between our faith and trust in God. Be ready to have your trust in God put to the test.

God said, “Here is where the enemy is coming. It is not necessary for you to take any weapons to the battle and fight. Just go and stand in the midst, in the face of the oncoming enemy, and trust that I will fight for you.”

Right now, before you approach the next step, determine that you are going to put your trust in the Lord to bring you complete victory for body, soul, and spirit. Trust Him — He knows more about the problem and the need than you do. Trust Him enough to be willing to put the battle totally into His hands.

Make this declaration:

God knows more about my problems than I do. I am putting the battle totally into His hands.

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