Have you ever heard the familiar story of the “death grip”? When one is drowning and another is trying to save him, he will clutch the rescuer in panic with such strength that he actually strangles the helper and they both sink and drown.

No matter how strong your grip on Jesus Christ, you will never sink. Peter found this out when he began to sink while walking on the water to Jesus:

“But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, be cried, saying, Lord save me. And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him” (Matthew 14:30-31).

Please do not think that you must be on your deathbed to receive the flow of the Holy Spirit through your life. The devil has sold us a bill of goods that causes us to come to God only when we are at the end of our rope, when all natural resources have been exhausted, and every other avenue of help has come to a dead end.

You do not have to be in desperation to attain the flow of the Holy Spirit in your life! Without a doubt, God has used such circumstances thousands of times to bring people to a place of belief and dependence upon Him so He can minister to them, but that is not the only route. We can lock onto the message of the power of Christ without being in a desperate condition.

We have seen very unusual and beautiful things happening in our miracle crusades and Schools of Ministry. People have testified they received healing when they were not even consciously thinking about it or asking God to heal them. They suddenly find that growths have disappeared. Some had suffered affliction for so many years they had come to a passive acceptance of the condition, thinking they would live with it the rest of their lives. Then, all of a sudden, they realized they were healed! This sometimes would happen immediately in the service; other times it would dawn on them the following day at home or work that God had wrought a miracle.

What happened? Their innermost spirit had received the message, either through the spoken word, a demonstration of miracles they observed, or simply from their being in the presence of the Holy Spirit. In one way or another their spirit had locked onto a message of truth — of Jesus Christ the Messiah in all His redemptive, resurrection power. They received a message that became so strong it took hold of their very being and their affliction had to flee before the explosion of truth that flooded their being.

Take hold of the truth of God’s Word for your situation today. Whether you need healing, comfort, peace, or deliverance — get a death grip on Jesus Christ and don’t let go until you receive your miracle.

Make this declaration:

I am getting a death grip on Jesus and won’t let go until I receive my miracle! Isaiah 53:1-12

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