God has made total provision so you can be victorious in every battle, just as He did for the nation of Israel as they prepared to enter their promised land.

God has provided you with everything you need to defeat the enemy. Jesus has already destroyed the works of Satan and broken his power over you.
You are facing an enemy that has already been defeated. Two thousand years ago when Jesus cried, “It is finished!” the war against Satan was won. Through His precious blood that was shed, we are totally delivered out of Satan’s hands.
He has no claims over us whatsoever! “For sin shall not have dominion over you…” (Romans 6:14). We are no longer living in the kingdom of darkness under Satan’s dominion as “prince of this world.”
We are joint-heirs with Christ in the Kingdom of God. Satan has no power over us. He is defeated and God is going to crush Satan under our feet!
God does not expect you to face Satan and the evil powers and principalities of wickedness in your own strength. He has given you power and authority over all the power of Satan through the Holy Spirit within you. He has given you powerful spiritual armor that makes you invulnerable and invincible against all of Satan’s attacks. He has provided you with weapons of warfare, enabling you to pull down every stronghold of the enemy (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

God has given the power to you to pull down Satan’s strongholds and totally demolish them so they are nonexistent, but your victory over Satan is not automatic. Simply because you have been born again and are a child of God with the Spirit of God dwelling in you, does not mean that you are automatically going to be victorious over the temptations, lies, and attacks of Satan.

Victory is yours only as you put on the armor, use your spiritual weapons of warfare, and resist Satan. You must take aggressive action and press the battle in the Spirit, using the power and authority God has given you, if you are to win the battles you face against Satan.

The reason there are so many Christians today living defeated lives is because they have failed to take an offensive position and fight against Satan and his evil principalities. In recent years, the Body of Christ has come into a greater awareness of this spiritual warfare we are fighting against Satan. Most Christians today know a battle is raging, but they don’t understand it.
During the coming days of this month we will learn where the major battlefield is, how Satan attacks, and how to defeat him.
Make this declaration:
I am facing an enemy that is already defeated. God has given me the power to pull down his strongholds and totally demolish them so they are nonexistent.


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