Program Your Mind For Victory


Israel had a land promised to them. They had a promise of entering into God’s rest, but they had to go out in power and authority and claim their inheritance. As you go out onto the battlefield to defeat Satan’s attack on your mind, you will be able to take possession of the one-hundred percent victorious mind God has made possible for you to have. Psalm 103:1-22

Remember, however — in order to have a one-hundred percent victorious mind you must guard your heart and mind continually. You must recognize immediately when Satan begins to attack your mind with fear, anger, guilt, self-pity, and defeat and refuse to allow those thoughts to remain in your mind for even a minute.

For a moment, think about the circumstances you are facing right now. Have you allowed Satan to defeat you in your mind? Have you allowed anger, resentment, and self-pity to fill your heart and mind? Are you oppressed or depressed? Have you been deceived by Satan? You can be free right now from the spirit of depression over your mind and walk in new strength and power.

During this past month, I have shared with you five powerful strategies which will enable you to be victorious over all of Satan’s strategies, attacks, deceptions, and weapons which he may deploy against your mind. As we close out this month’s devotions, let’s take a moment to review them:

Make this declaration:

I am setting my mind for victory. I am refusing to give Satan access to my mind. I am arming myself with the mind of Christ and strengthening my mind for battle. I will guard my heart and mind.

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