Psalm 69:1-36

There are Christians who are depressed and have a spirit of defeat oppressing their minds because of past failures. Satan is bringing up past experiences where they have sinned, and is using it against them so they will become depressed and willing to give up.

There are Christians who are depressed because of guilt over habits, temptations, and sins they have been unable to overcome. They have struggled to be free from certain habits and temptations but, when they continue to fail, their hearts and minds are filled with guilt. Many Christians today are frustrated, worried, and depressed over their financial problems. They have overdue bills and other commitments they are unable to pay because their income is insufficient to meet their basic need

There are Christians deeply distraught and depressed concerning their marriage relationships. There are those who have unsaved mates and there is no peace or harmony in their home. There are others whose mates have left them for someone else or have asked for a divorce. Others feel their mate no longer loves and appreciates them.

On the job, there are thousands of Christians who are depressed. Faced with a heavy work load, pressures, demands, and deadlines they are unable to cope, feel defeated, and worn-out mentally and physically.

Many Christians today are depressed because of pain or sickness. Research indicates eighty-three percent of patients with chronic pain are depressed. When they become sick, experience pain or a long-term illness, their minds are often filled with doubt, worry, and self-pity.

Depression is not a normal reaction for Christians to problems and adverse circumstances. Depression is more than a sign of the times. It is more than a leading cause of major illness. It’s time that we go to the root cause and recognize depression for what it really is. Depression is a spirit that Satan is using to attack the minds of Christians today!

We must not be afraid to recognize it and call it by name. We are not helpless victims of depression. Regardless of the great distress and perplexity — the stress, fear, and hopelessness that surrounds us — we do not have to be depressed. We can fight and win the battle against Satan’s attack on our minds through depression.

Set your mind for victory. Refuse to allow Satan, anyone, or anything to program your mind for failure, depression, and defeat. From this day forward, determine that by the power of the Holy Spirit you will not allow your mind to become depressed by Satan.

Make this declaration:

I am setting my mind for victory. I refuse to allow Satan, anyone, or anything to program my mind for failure, depression, and defeat.



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