Rekindling The Fear Of God


The second strategy in breaking down the wall of disobedience is rekindling the fear of God in your heart. The children of Israel rebelled and disobeyed God because they did not fear Him. Without the fear of God in their hearts motivating them, they could not obey God. They were more concerned about falling into the hands of their enemies than they were about displeasing Almighty God and reaping His wrath. Deuteronomy 5:23-29

The nation of Israel that God selected to be His prized possession above all other peoples on the face of the earth — the nation He had promised to bless and multiply until they were strong and mighty — was dispossessed, reaped the wrath of God, and was almost destroyed because they refused to fear God and obey Him. God’s dealings with Israel — their disobedience, His warnings, pleading, long-suffering, wrath, and judgments — have been given to us as examples and warnings. We need to take heed.

Israel did not fear God. Their hearts were hardened against Him. God told Moses, “O that they had such a (mind and) heart in them always, (reverently) to fear Me, and keep all My commandments, that it might go well with them, and with their children for ever!” (Deuteronomy 5:29, TAB). Without this fear, they did not obey God.

Satan’s strategy is to steal the fear of God out of your heart so you will walk in disobedience and be defeated. There are ministers today who are living in disobedience to God because they fear man more than they fear God. They are afraid to preach what God has revealed to them because they are afraid they will lose support of the people. They are afraid to preach against sin and about the wrath and the judgment that is coming upon the earth because they are afraid someone will be offended. They would rather please people than obey God.

There are many Christians who are walking in disobedience to God because the fear of God is missing. They are afraid to live their lives according to what God has revealed to them in the Word because they fear what other people will think of them. They are afraid people will think they are fanatics.

There are Christians to whom God has spoken to step out into some area of ministry, but they have rebelled and are walking in disobedience because they are afraid of what their friends or family will say.

How about you? Are you more concerned about what God says or what others think? In order to break through the wall of disobedience you must rekindle the fear of God in your heart.

Make this declaration:

I have a heart and mind to fear God. It will go well with me today and well with my children forever.

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