Renewing The Spirit Of Your Mind


We must continually take authority over every aspect of our hearts and minds — our thoughts, desires, emotions, intentions — and bring them under control of the Holy Spirit. Psalm 119:9-16

This renewing of our minds to the mind of Christ must be a continual daily process. As we fill our minds with a knowledge of Christ — His will, thoughts, desires, and purposes — and bring our hearts and minds into submission to the Holy Spirit, we are being renewed “in knowledge after the image of him that created him” (Colossians 3:10).

There is absolutely no way a Christian can live in one-hundred percent victory over Satan and his strategies unless this continual renewal of the mind is taking place. To arm yourself with the mind of Christ, you must daily saturate your heart and mind until it is filled with the Word.

Paul said, “Be renewed in the spirit of your mind” (Ephesians 4:23). The renewal mentioned here is not referring simply to the natural mind with its natural abilities in retaining knowledge. He was not talking about filling our heads with “head knowledge” of the Word, Christ, and power He has given us over all the power of the enemy, or who we are in Christ.

The “spirit” of your mind refers to thoughts, attitudes, and desires which have been brought under the dominion and control of the Holy Spirit. It is the portion of your mind which brings you into fellowship with Christ and directs its energies toward pleasing God and fulfilling His will.

To be renewed “in the spirit of your mind” where you have armed yourself with the mind of Christ, you must fill your thoughts with God’s Word and meditate on it continually — day and night — until the Word becomes an integral part of your life; until your thoughts, desires, intentions, and purposes are continually being transformed and molded into Christ’s image.

As your mind is renewed daily and you go out into battle against Satan armed with the victorious mind of Christ you will not be defeated, regardless of the circumstances you face. Armed with the victorious mind of Christ, you will not be worried or fearful and you will not become weary or faint in your mind. You will be strong, immovable, and victorious over every attack, every obstacle, and every circumstance Satan may use against you.

God has revealed to me that Satan is now amassing his forces to come against the Church in a massive counterattack to stop the advance that we are making into his territory. He has already initiated his battle plan, but as we meditate on these truths together God is giving you advance knowledge — a spiritual breakthrough — so you will know what is happening, how Satan is attacking, where he is attacking and you will be able to activate your mind for battle.

Make this declaration:

My mind is being renewed in knowledge after the image of God who created me.

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