Satan Has No Power Over You


Satan, the tempter, has absolutely no power over you. There is no trial too great, no temptation too strong if you face Satan from a position of knowing. God has given you the ability to walk in one-hundred percent victory during every test, trial, and temptation. 1 John 4:1-4

Jesus has destroyed the works of Satan in your life, including the power of sin which once ruled your will and held you in its grasp. You are no longer bound to the desires of your flesh (your carnal nature). You have the power to say “no” to every temptation. You have the power to break every habit that has you bound.

God has placed the Spirit of His Son within you and you are free from all sin! Paul said: “For the power of the life-giving Spirit — and this power is mine through Christ Jesus — has freed me from the vicious circle of sin and death” (Romans 8:2, TLB). God has provided a total and lasting victory for us. There is not one reason why Christians should ever stumble and fall into Satan’s snare through temptation. Not one! Yet, there are many Christians who are still bound by habits they cannot break and who are ensnared by the temptations of the flesh.

Men and women of God who have been faithfully serving Him all their lives, in a weakened moment, are yielding to temptation and being destroyed.

There are Christians who have been deceived by the enemy into thinking they have no control over their will. They yield to the temptations of their flesh and say, “I just couldn’t help myself. The temptation was too strong, I didn’t have the power to resist.” The truth is, every born again child of God, no matter how weak or strong they may be, has the power to resist every temptation.

When God has made full provision for victory over every trial and temptation, why are Christians falling into temptation? Why are so many Christians living in such a weakened condition? Eighty to ninety percent of Christians today are setting themselves up for defeat. They are actually giving Satan the ammunition he needs to defeat them.

How? They are giving Satan access through the “eyegate” and “eargate.” They are giving Satan access into their minds and are being bombarded by evil thoughts and lusts of the flesh.

Christians are being defeated, not because Satan’s power as tempter is so great, but because they do not understand Satan’s strategy of temptation and do not know how to resist. As you rip the mask off Satan and expose his strategies against your flesh and your tongue, you are going to know how to position yourself beyond defeat. You will have in your hands the knowledge that will enable you to walk in victory over every trial and temptation in your life!

Make this declaration:

I am free from the vicious cycle of sin and death. The power of the life-giving Spirit is mine.

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