Standing On The Word

Standing On The Word

What has God taught us so far as we have mediated on the story of King Jehoshaphat?

One: We begin our petition with praise to God and a declaration of Who He really is.

Two: We begin to recall what He has done in the past, both in the Bible and through the living testimony of our lives, beginning with our salvation and the other mighty miracles He has done and is doing in this very hour.

Are you ready today for the next step to personal victory? The next step is to stand!

Jehoshaphat declared, “If, when evil cometh upon us, as the sword, judgment, or pestilence, or famine, we stand before this house, and in thy presence, (for thy name is in this house,) and cry unto thee in our affliction, then thou wilt hear and help” (2 Chronicles 20:9). After Jehoshaphat declared exactly Who he was praying to and recognized what God had done for him in times past, he then began to recite some examples of God’s power.

We live in a very power-conscious world. Our television and newspapers remind us every day of the power of governments, of military might, and nuclear bombs. God is going to put such a spiritual foundation under you that when you pray you will not pray some formula or pre-printed prayer. You are not coming to a man, you are coming to God, the one that created the heavens and the earth, the one that rules over all the Kingdom. The authority in this world is in the hands of Almighty God and the greatest power in all the world is the power of the Word of the Living God.

Now we see Jehoshaphat lay the cornerstone of his prayer, declaring that the very basis of his approaching God is that he is standing before the house which contained His Name and His Word. He resorted to the highest authority known to man — the Word of God.

What Jehoshaphat is saying is, “Lord, the petition that I am about to make is not based on folklore, mythology, the pagan religions of our neighbors, superstition, witchcraft, or any form of demon power, but I stand here upon Your Word for You have declared Yourself to be the God of Israel.” Jehoshaphat stood upon the Word!

You cannot make a wishful request if you are standing upon the Word of God. We only deal in wishful thinking in our prayer life when we are not actually sure of what we really want. If you really want your prayers answered, then make a positive request based upon the Word of God.

What are you trusting God for today? Perhaps you have prayed about the matter many times. Whether it is for healing, financial help, deliverance, or a lost loved one, pray for your need again today. This time, make your request based upon the Word of God.

Make this declaration:

I will make my requests to God today on the basis of His Word, knowing I will receive because God cannot lie. He will be true to His Word.

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