Seven Steps To Victory


Right now, take a pen in hand, sit down and think of your battles, your burdens, your problems, your sickness, any need you may have — write it all out on a piece of paper. Remember: faith is a fact, but it is also an act

God’s victory is complete, it is never halfway. If you have followed His formula in these seven steps to victory, your deliverance will be complete. As we conclude our devotions for this month, let’s review the seven steps we have meditated on during the past few weeks:

  • Step One: Jehoshaphat recognized the power and the authority of the God he was serving.
  • Step Two: He remembered the acts of deliverance God had already accomplished for His people.
  • Step Three: He affirmed his position to stand completely on the Word of God, for he was standing in the presence of the Lord, before the House of the Lord where the Word of God resided.
  • Step Four: Next, he humbled himself before the mighty hand of God and acknowledged his utter dependence upon God for deliverance.
  • Step Five: He put his trust in the Lord and God answered his prayer with directives on how the victory was to be achieved.
  • Step Six: Jehoshaphat showed his faith in the direction he received not only by a verbal declaration, but also by putting his faith in motion and marching towards his enemy depending not on the arm of flesh, but solely on the Lord.
  • Step Seven: Jehoshaphat led the people in praise and worship of the Lord before the answer came and then they went forth to meet the enemy.

These steps are applicable to every problem of life, whether it be physical, material, or spiritual. I do not believe that there is a person under God’s heaven that cannot apply these steps, taking them one at a time, and not come into victory.

These seven steps to victory were given to me by God. They were revealed to me as I was on my knees in prayer! The steps you have learned during this past month cannot fail. Act upon what you have learned, walk in new faith, and remember — God has no defeats planned for you!

Make this declaration:

I will act upon these seven steps to victory. I will walk in new faith and victory. God has no defeats planned for me!

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