Daniel 6:10-23

God makes a world of difference between His people and those who defy and deny Him. He makes a difference between those who are obedient to His Word and those who scoff at His Word.

When Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den, no manner of hurt was done unto him. When Daniel’s enemies were thrown into the same den with the same lions, there was a marked difference. The lions broke the bones of those enemies before their bodies reached the bottom of the pit. STRUGGLES WITHOUT STRUGGLING

The same was true of the fire that burned in the furnace of Nebuchadnezzar. The furnace was heated so hot that the enemies who threw Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego into the furnace were slain by the blast of heat even as they stood outside. The three young Hebrew men who served and trusted God not only survived the furnace experience, but their bonds were burned off and the heathen saw them walking about with the Son of God in the midst of the furnace. These men were so prepared for whatever came upon them that I doubt they felt the heat at all.

That is why I have come to know that it is possible to go through struggles without struggling! There are those reading this devotional right now who are going through heavy trials — family upheavals, broken relationships, loneliness, depression, financial needs, illness. If you are a child of God, God wants to make a difference between you and the unbeliever. He will meet you right now at the depths of your deepest pit, in the heat of your hottest furnace, in the desperate nature of your circumstances.

God wants your faith so tied to that which is infallible and impregnable, that none of these things moves you. He can give you such peace in your heart that the fire of your circumstances will not touch you. The lions’ mouths will be wired shut. Nothing can hurt you.

Infallible means that which cannot be questioned, incapable of error, unable to mislead or deceive. Impregnable means invincible, incapable of being taken by assault, immovable, and that which cannot be conquered or even penetrated. STRUGGLES WITHOUT STRUGGLING

There is only one thing in this world that is infallible and impregnable and that is the Word of God. Our experience must be tied to that Word in order that we will not be shaken but will stand forth in full glory, blazing testimonies to the power and glory of Jesus Christ in these troubled final days.

Make this declaration:

I am fixing my hope on the Word of God so that I will not be shaken. I will stand forth as a testimony to the power and glory of Jesus Christ in these troubled final days.


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