The Positive Side Of Fear

The Positive Side Of Fear

The immediate results of fear determine life or death, paralysis or victory for a nation and an individual. Fear can be our greatest enemy, but it can also have positive results if we react to it in the right way.

In every truth there is a negative side and a positive side. Did you know there is a positive side of fear? Most of us think of fear as our enemy; but fear can also be a blessing in disguise. Can you accept that?

If fear drives us to our knees to begin to travail and pray with a fervency that begins to move the hand of God that moves the world, then that fear has been channeled to be a positive influence in our life. It has forced us into closer relationship and communion with God and has worked for our good.

If fear drives us to the Word of God to seek answers from God, then it has accomplished a great work in our life. Sad to say, in many cases, fear is the only thing that will accomplish that objective.

Some people never become interested in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit until the fear of being overcome by their problems drives them to seek a deeper meaning to their spiritual experience.

Here is a tragic, but true commentary: Some people will never seek God in a meaningful way until tragedy strikes them, their children, or their loved ones. When this happens, all of a sudden we are searching the Word of God and books on more effectual prayer.

We may live for ourselves all our lives with little or no attention to the things of God, but when tragedy strikes and there is no human answer, then our thoughts and hearts are turned in fear toward God. We start recalling the preacher’s messages, and the admonition of our godly parents who, up until this time, we may have considered fanatic and out of touch with this generation. Into the house of God we rush with our petitions, “Lord, please help me.”

What about you? Are you reacting to fear in a positive or negative way? Is fear paralyzing you and inhibiting your spiritual growth and advancement? Does it loom in your pathway like an impenetrable fortress or is it positively working on your behalf?

Make this declaration:

Fear, get out of my way. You are no longer an impenetrable fortress in my life. You will not block the pathway God has assigned for me.


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