A Spiritual Formula

A Spiritual Formula

Jehoshaphat was so filled with fear that he called a fast. What do you think would happen to our nation right now if every pastor and denominational leader in Zambia would be so filled with fear concerning the future that they would stand before their congregations next Sunday and tell the people, “Whether you realize it or not we are fighting right now in a life and death struggle and there is only one way that we are going to survive, remain a free nation, and avoid a holocaust and sudden destruction and that is if we all immediately begin to fast and pray that God shall deliver us.” Can you imagine what would happen?

I don’t think that you can. I know I can’t. I can’t begin to fathom the repentance and the sweeping move of the Holy Spirit that would begin to cleanse, purge, and purify our government and religious institutions.

The Scripture declares, “Jehoshaphat feared” (2 Chronicles 20:3), and when he feared he set himself to seek the face of God. Fear acted as a spur to stir him to seek the Lord. Many people in the world would never be living for God today if there had not been a circumstance which came into their lives which caused fear and drove them to the place of prayer. This fear was the spark to setting their spiritual life in order.

Most people reading this devotional guide will fall into one of two general classifications:

One: You are currently having a crisis in your life and you know the fear that I am talking about.

Two: You do not have a current crisis in your life, but you are dissatisfied. You know that you lack victory and power to live for God. Deep down in your heart you also know that these deficiencies are due to compromise in various areas of your life which you know are not pleasing to God.

Whichever category you are in, during the next few days we are going to meditate on seven steps to personal victory — a spiritual formula that will be a weapon in your hands to bring you deliverance for body, soul, and spirit.

Make this declaration:

I will prepare my mind, in the Name of Jesus, to receive a breakthrough to enable my spirit to comprehend this revelation of truth from Your Word.

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