Trusting God

One of the biggest problems God has with us is to wrestle our problems out of our hands. It is only when we come to the end of ourselves and are ready to die that we give up the reins so God can set His deliverance in motion.

One of the great missionary statesmen of our times, E. Stanley Jones, was broken in body and spirit as a very young missionary in India. One day he prayed, “Lord you know that I am at the end of the rope.” God said to him, “If you will give that up, I will take care of everything.” He quickly replied, “Yes, Lord, I gladly give it up to you right now.” After that, his ministry touched millions through writing and preaching.

We want to hang on to something, no matter how small it is — and that tiny, insignificant thing can be the blockade to the power of God to meet our need. Only when we are at the end of self and are ready to die can God come in and take over.

Maybe the most frequent prayer that is ever prayed is for God to guide our lives. Usually we pray this most when problems start pressing in from more than one side. When you are asking for the guidance of the Lord, you must be willing to step down from the throne. As long as you are there ruling and reigning, it is impossible for God to work on your behalf.

When we ask God to lead us but still have the reins in our own hands, we are like the parent who gives his child a choice. If the child makes the right choice, the parent goes along with it; but if the child makes the wrong choice, the parent overrules. In other words, the child did not really have a choice at all.

When we ask God to help us and God directs in a way that is pleasing to us, then we will go along; but if it is contrary to our desires, then we rebel. Who is on the throne then? We are! So many people say, “I want the will of God for my life!” What they are really saying is, “I hope that God’s will for my life is the same as my will for my life.” When you are on the throne and calling the shots, so to speak, then you have to be ready to take responsibility for the results- the sicknesses, the problems, and all of the other ramifications.

We live in a highly technological world where abilities are becoming more important every day. I am speaking of specialized skills that are required in order to make a living. More and more, as this age progresses, skills will become increasingly important for success in society. This is not true in spiritual power. Your spiritual power lies solely in your ability to trust God and throw yourself completely on Him.

Make this declaration:

I am throwing myself completely upon God. He will direct me and I will walk obediently in His way.


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