Leave Your Problems In God’s Hand

Oftentimes, when we ascend a staircase, we may skip one or two steps; but this does not work on the spiritual staircase that God has given to personal victory. Only as we place our spiritual feet firmly on one step are we prepared and qualified to move to the next step.

Most people will not put their trust completely in God as long as they feel there may be some other way out. I see them come to our crusades by the hundreds; people are “trying” God to see what will happen. These people would be very happy if God would heal them so that they would not have to go back to the doctor or incur the terrible expense of another operation, but by no means are they ready to put their trust in God completely to deliver and direct their life for them. If it works, fine; if not, they still have something else to fall back on.

This is really the critical step. You must humble yourself before God and recognize your insufficiency to cope with the situation. You can begin to recognize God. You can remember the things that He has done for you in the past, and you can stand upon His Word; but unless you are willing to step down and humble yourself, recognizing your own insufficiency, you will never reach the ultimate that God has for you. This step is really not a step up, but a step down — down from the throne of self.

At this great moment in the prayer of Jehoshaphat, “self” died. If it had not been for this statement, the prayer — as great as it was — would simply have been a beautiful piece of oratory. Here is where he moved the hand of God. Here is where he struck the heavenly chord that God could not resist.

Jesus said, “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone” (John 12:24). Until death to self happens, you are on your own. God will let you work it out yourself.

Now, the most important thing to learn from this step, other than the fact of dying to self, is that you do not have to come to your extremities or the end of your rope before you give up and let God do it. This is why the Bible gives examples of men and women who came to the end of themselves before they let God have His way in their lives. We see what the end result is, and therefore, if we allow the Holy Spirit to really speak to our hearts, we can let go of other possibilities and leave our problems completely in God’s hands.

Make this declaration:

I am abandoning all of my own plans and strategies and leaving my problems in God’s hands today. He will work in my behalf.

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