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We are righteous by Grace not performance

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We were made sinners not by the sins we have committed. We were sinners by the nature of sin that came through Adam. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. So we are made to sin not as a result of sin around us, but the nature of sin in us makes us to sin. So in the same way, we can’t make ourselves right by what we do. The nature of God in us makes us do good before God through Christin us.

Just as we couldn’t do anything to make ourselves more sinful,we can’t as well do anything to make ourselves more right before God. God came to deliver us from the nature of sin within us and not from the sin around us. It is the appetite in our bodies that make us eat and not the food that we eat. When the bodies are sick it doesn’t matter how delicious the food might be.

So the goodness of the food can’t determine how we eat but the appetite. So we cannot add on to the good nature that we get when we are born again. Whatever we do is to deal with the enemy of what God had already done for us in our spirit. Stay blessed!

We are righteous by Grace not performance