We Must Have A Revelation

During our devotions this month, we will rip the mask off Satan and expose some of his most diabolical strategies! Just as the Gibeonites deceived Israel, Satan is still working through deception, but he is an enemy who has been defeated, stripped of his power over us, and doomed for destruction.

For years, the Church has been running from Satan, afraid to talk about him and afraid to acknowledge his existence. Our perception of him has been distorted. The majority of Christians have perceived Satan as a strong, formidable being possessing authority and dominion over the earth and over man. They have looked upon the horrors of sin, sickness, death, perversion, and murder that he has brought upon the world and have felt powerless against him. Because of their lack of knowledge, they have become victims instead of victors.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” (Proverbs 29:18). More than likely, you have heard this familiar verse quoted many times. The Hebrew word for “vision” is “revelation.” For a lack of revelation concerning our adversary, Satan, the Church has been almost at a standstill, while our cities and nations remain filled with people who have been taken captive and are bound by Satan’s power.

The world today is full of sin, sickness, death, and destruction because God’s people have not had a revelation of the position of victory God has given them in this world over Satan. Satan’s strategy is to keep us in spiritual ignorance. Our counterattack must not only be to expose Satan’s lies concerning himself, but to know the truth and act on it.

We must have a revelation — a drawing away of the veil of darkness — concerning Satan’s power, his strategies, and our power over him and his evil forces. Head knowledge is not enough. We must have a revelation within our spirit where we are able to exercise the power and authority God has given us over Satan to destroy his works in the lives of our loved ones, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

We must have a revelation within our spirits where we will not be satisfied until we see Satan and the powers of darkness pushed back and his power broken over our nations. We must have a revelation within our spirits of ourselves as God intends for us to be — strong, powerful, full of the Holy Ghost and power — victorious over all the power of the enemy. As sons of the living God, we must take the position God has planned for us in these final, closing hours of time before Jesus returns.

Make this declaration:

God is giving me a revelation of how He intends for me to be — strong, powerful, full of the Holy Ghost and power — victorious over all the power of the enemy.

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