Worry does not change or solve anything but to make the situation worse. It just worsens the matter or situation. Have you ever asked yourself how a bird survives or a lion? Have you ever heard them complain? Do you know their secret, let me tell you. They have full dependence on their Creator. They worry not because they trust their Creator for provision. Why can’t you get their example? God knows what you need. He doesn’t expect you to worry but to trust Him. Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only robs today of its joy. Worry is a share waste of time. Have you ever realize how much time you have wasted because of worry.

Nothing has been solved since you started worrying. Some have been sick because of worry. Why have bp for no solution? Worry is the worst disease that is after many lives. It just adds to the burden of a problem. So why worry, it is impossible to trust God and worry at the same time. The bible says, Don’t worry for anything, instead, pray for everything and thank God for all He has done. Philippians 4:6.

Worry is a stone that the devil throws on you, to keep your focus, attention, and trust away from your Creator. Worry takes your mind and prevents you from thinking straight. Worry makes it hard for you to hear what God is about the problem and solution. Worry takes your focus off what God can do and keeps you on what the devil can do. Don’t tolerate worry in your life or give it a chance. Stop worrying about life and experience God’s power