The Apostle Paul said of Abraham:

So, when God told Abraham that he would give him a son who would have many descendants and become a great nation, Abraham believed God even though such a promise just couldn’t come to pass! And because his faith was strong, he didn’t worry about the fact that he was too old to be a father, at the age of one hundred, and that Sarah his wife, at ninety, was also much too old to have a baby.

But Abraham never doubted. He believed God for his faith and trust grew ever stronger, and he praised God for this blessing even before it happened. He was completely sure that God was well able to do anything be promised. (Romans 4:18-21, TLB)

There is enough in this one Scripture to send us into spiritual orbit for a year, write ten books and preach twenty sermons. Instead of saying “completely sure” the King James Version uses the words “fully persuaded.” Both phrases are pure dynamite!

Abraham never doubted. Why? Because he was completely sure, fully persuaded that God was able. He even thanked God for it before it ever happened. Believing and thanking God in faith is action! The woman with the issue of blood had to perform a specific act to accomplish her goal. She had to touch the hem of His garment! I cannot tell you exactly what your action should be. It may be to stand on that sore leg. It may be to begin moving that arthritic knee. It may be to forgive someone who has hurt you. Only God can tell you what to do.

But let me tell you something for sure: As long as you just sit and wait, nothing is going to happen! You must show initiative. God has done His part — He has sent you the Word. Now you must perform the doing of it (2 Corinthians 8:11).

The woman with the issue of blood could have heard the message and then gone home to die. Instead, she said to herself: “I must!” She acted in faith and touched the hem of Christ’s garment. There was no virtue in that cloth but it became the motivating force, the physical evidence of her faith in the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Faith is an act! Instead of going home to die, this woman declared, “If I can only get to Jesus, everything will be all right!” Yes, faith is a fact, but it is also an act. Don’t continue in your passive, waiting rut any longer. Jesus is waiting to receive you, to heal you, deliver you, and help you achieve your destiny.

Right now, you are like the woman standing on the street corner of life who had a choice to make. Would she go home and continue to live with her need or would she act in faith and have her need met by the power of God?

Let me ask you…what are your needs today? Peace of mind? Healing for your physical body? Salvation for your unsaved loved ones? Deliverance? Will you continue living with your need or act in faith and have it met by God’s power?

Make this declaration:

I will not remain in my condition and live with defeat one moment longer. I am fully persuaded. I will act in faith. Romans 4:18-21


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