You Can Face Anything

In our spiritual warfare against Satan, the moment we faint in our minds and stop resisting his attacks, we are surrendering ourselves into his hands. We are defeated only when we fail to fight.

Satan has no power over us except what we allow him to have. He has already been defeated. Jesus has given us power and authority over all the power of the enemy. He has given us spiritual armor that makes us invulnerable to Satan’s attacks on our minds. He has given us powerful weapons of warfare to tear down every stronghold and make us victorious in every circumstance, trial, and tribulation. When Satan wins a battle, it is only through default because we have failed exercise power and authority in the all-powerful Name of Jesus.

The Apostle Paul had every reason to become weary and faint in his mind. He was thrown into dungeons, beaten, stoned, and ship-wrecked. He suffered the loss of all things. Throughout his lifetime he experienced pain, suffered from hunger and thirst, and was physically exhausted. He faced circumstances which were beyond his human ability to endure.

Yet, Paul did not faint in his mind. He did not relax. He did not stop resisting and fighting against Satan. He said, “But none of these things moved me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy…” (Acts 20:24). In essence, Paul was saying: “There is no circumstance, no trial, no persecution that Satan can bring into my life that can defeat me.”

If we continue to be weary and faint in our minds, we begin living in a cycle of defeat until we lose heart and become discouraged. We lose hope and resign ourselves to accept our circumstances. Discouragement leads to depression, which results in more stress and we become caught up in this vicious cycle and continue to go round and round.

Paul did not allow any of the circumstances Satan used against him to cause him to become discouraged or depressed. As he prepared to go to Jerusalem where it had been prophesied that he would be bound and delivered into the hands of the Gentiles, Paul said, “I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus” (Acts 21:13). He was not worried or afraid. He was ready to face anything Satan might bring against him.

Make this declaration:

Through the power of Jesus Christ, I am ready to face anything Satan might bring against me. Acts 20:16-24


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