God brought His people to the border of the Promised Land, but no one could enter unless their will was united to His will unless they chose to obey and go in His Name and in His strength. Exodus 13:1-20

Today, God has brought His people to a new point in spiritual destiny. He has positioned us for victory. He has delivered us out of bondage, set us free, and given us power over sin. He has entered into an everlasting covenant with us that is sealed with the blood of Jesus.

He has given us covenant promises that provide for all our needs. He has joined Himself to us as one and has given us His glory, all that He has and is. He has pledged Himself to be our God, to protect, prosper, and set us apart from the nations of the earth. He has sent His Spirit to live within us, giving us the power to obey Him. He has equipped us with the powerful weapons of spiritual warfare.

Behind us is our bondage to sin, the world and the flesh. Before us lies a new spiritual territory God has planned for us where we can live in a cycle of continual victory …

… where we have taken possession of our spiritual inheritance and are partaking of the covenant promises.
… where we are fully equipped and prepared to win the war and are exercising power and authority over Satan.
… where we are pressing on into perfection, growing up unto the full stature of Jesus Christ.

Today, He has set this new spiritual territory before us and is saying, “Go up and possess it!” Our spiritual destiny is in our hands. We have a choice — to obey God and by faith take full possession of our spiritual inheritance and enter this new spiritual territory or to rebel and disobey God and, through our unbelief, forfeit our inheritance and live in defeat.

Those who enter this new spiritual territory, who are going to be greatly used of God during this great end-time harvest, are those who are walking in one-hundred percent obedience to Him. Do not be deceived. God will not pour out His power and glory upon those who are walking in rebellion and are disobedient to Him and His Word.

Satan’s objective is to deceive you and lead you into rebellion against God and His Word so that you will not be able to take full possession of your spiritual inheritance and enter the powerful spiritual dimension He has planned for you. Your spiritual destiny is in your own hands!

Make this declaration:

I am leaving behind the bondage of sin, the world, and the flesh. I am looking forward to the new spiritual dimension God has planned for me where I can live in a cycle of continual victory.

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