During each Sabbath Year and the Jubilee Year, Israel did not sow or reap. They depended solely upon the supernatural provision of God to meet their needs. As spiritual Israel, there are two spiritual cycles that have the potential to affect your finances, and you will be plugged in to one or the other of these two supernatural cycles. You will either be caught up in the cycle of financial defeat or God’s cycle of supernatural provision.

Satan’s cycle of financial defeat: Whenever Satan attacks your finances and you struggle with debt, then fear, worry, and doubt begin to enter in. If you keep your eyes on your negative financial circumstances, you will stop giving to God. This blocks the flow of His provision in your life and leads to increased debt. Unbroken, the cycle will continue to repeat and you will incur even more debt.

God’s cycle of supernatural provision: The second cycle that has the potential to affect your finances is the cycle of God’s supernatural provision. Beloved, God wants you to break out of Satan’s cycle of financial defeat and enter into this divine cycle!

To break out of the cycle of financial defeat you must cast out fear, worry, and doubt; get your eyes off your circumstances; and continue to give to God, expecting, believing, and trusting Him to fulfill His promises.

You must declare war on the devil’s war against your finances and face your financial problems from a new position of strength! To do this, you must get plugged in to God’s divine cycle of giving and receiving. In the midst of financial crises — even poverty — you must continue to obey God and give your tithes and offerings. When you do this, you can be at rest knowing God will make total provision for your needs through His covenant with you.

Here’s how God’s supernatural cycle of provision works: When you give to God, you receive from Him supernatural provision and increase. When you give to God from this increase, you receive additional supernatural provision and increase — and the divine cycle continues.

When you get plugged into this cycle, you can declare, as Paul did, “I have all, and abound” (Philippians 4:18). You can know that God will “supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).

Make this declaration:

I am breaking out of Satan’s cycle of financial defeat. I am entering into God’s cycle of supernatural provision.


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