Your Weakest Point

God’s will is the most important element in a person’s life. God has a purpose for every life. God had a purpose for Samson’s life, but in spite of God’s warnings, Samson’s sinful appetites took over. His rebellious nature caused him to turn his back on God. When God said, “Don’t do it!” Samson stubbornly declared, “I will!” The battle was on!

This is what the battle of life is all about: the struggle between the law of God and the law of man’s sinful nature which rises up and says “I will!” This is what sin really is — the exercising of our will power to purposely disregard God and His will for our lives.

Sex was Samson’s weakness. Let me tell you this about Satan. He never attacks us where we are strong. He will use our weakest point. It is at their weak points that Satan attacks many people today. Your weak point could be the same as Samson’s or it could be one of many other areas — the drug scene, the occult, stealing, lying, cheating. Satan used Samson’s weak point and caused him to lust after Delilah. What weak points might he use for you?

The true story of Samson illustrates another important point. A person does not usually turn his back on God all at once. A girl does not suddenly decide to become a prostitute. Young people experimenting with drugs don’t become addicts all at once. People play with sin. They enjoy what the world calls “kicks” until they are suddenly no longer playing with sin, but sin is playing with them — only it is deadly serious play. Sin gets hold of them. Sin rules them. They are in bondage and cannot escape!

Samson committed fornication with Delilah until she had him right under her thumb. The Philistines sized up the situation and came to Delilah. “You must find out the secret of Samson’s strength so we can defeat him once and for all,” they told her.

“I’ll find out,” she promised. “He is so bound to me that he has forgotten that he ever was a servant of God! He is my servant now!”

Perhaps you are one who has dabbled in sin. Perhaps you are in deep bondage to habits and cannot seem to break away. You did not get in that condition all at once. First it entered your mind and you began to meditate on it. It absorbed more and more of your thinking, until you began to yield to temptation more and more.

Today is the day to break the cycle. If you are dabbling in sin or living in bondage, repent, ask God to forgive you, and then rebuke and bind the enemy from further operations in your life.

Make this declaration:

In the name of Jesus, I break the power of every bondage and sin in my life and I rebuke and bind the enemy from further operation.

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