Divine Sufficiency


You cannot face your financial problems with “head knowledge” because it doesn’t work! You must learn to take the very thing Satan wants to defeat you with — your finances — and use them to strengthen your faith!

Most people facing financial need in their lives — a mountain of overdue bills, mounting debts, a lack of sufficient finances — are looking for more money to help them out of their financial problem. They think borrowing, changing jobs, or manipulating circumstances will solve their problems.

Yet more money is not the answer. You may get more money, but that, too, will soon be gone unless you learn how to enter into God’s Cycle of Supernatural Provision. God wants you to enter into a new realm of the Spirit: Divine provision. It is a supernatural experience where you can rest from your financial struggles, even as Israel rested in their Year of Jubilee.

The Early Church experienced God’s Cycle of Supernatural Provision and had divine sufficiency. Following Pentecost, Christians sold their houses, lands, and possessions and placed the proceeds in a common fund. They did not selfishly cling to their worldly possessions, but gave them willingly.

From this fund, distribution was made according to need: “And all that believed were together, and had all things common; And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need” (Acts 2:44-45). As a result, there was not any among them who lacked (Acts 4:34).

There was supernatural provision and divine sufficiency because the Church was functioning in unselfish unity as God intended. Believers were walking together in covenant relationship with one another. They had all things in common. They did not consider their possessions solely their own, but as gifts from God for the good of all. If a Christian brother or sister needed clothing, they provided it. If someone needed shelter, they opened their homes. If food was needed, they shared what they had.

These believers did not allow Satan to use their financial needs to keep them from fulfilling the commission Christ gave them. They continued to preach and teach the Word of God from house to house until they turned the world upside down.

Later, the believers in Jerusalem and Judea were facing a great financial crisis through war, famine, and persecution. Many of them had lost their means of support — their jobs and businesses — because of their refusal to deny their faith and their commitment to Jesus Christ. Yet even in the midst of their great financial need, there was divine sufficiency!

God wants you to experience this divine sufficiency also, but you will only experience it as you enter into God’s supernatural cycle of provision.

Make this declaration:

God wants me to experience divine sufficiency as I enter into His supernatural cycle of provision.

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