Kings 5:20-27

Many people are in a hurry to have things in life, without thinking of the consequences that will come. In this article I will about why you shouldn’t be in a hurry in life. Patience is the key to truth. For the truth to be revealed one should have patience. Patience reveals deception. Any hurry not of God leads to disgrace and regrets. Hurry or impatience is a shortcut to regrets and sorry. Hurry will result in a premature breakthrough, marriage, job and happiness etc. HURRY A DECEIVING WAY

Gehazi was in a hurry to receive a gift from Nanaan and he missed a permanent gift from Elisha because of the hurry. Gehazi missed a double portion of the anointing from Elisha because of a hurry. When one is in a hurry can receive what is not suppose to be received. Gehazi received a curse instead of the double portion of the anointing and other spiritual blessings from Elisha. One can move out of God’s face due to hurry. Gehazi had to lie for him to receive a gift from Nanaan. HURRY A DECEIVING WAY

Most people have committed a sin and have moved out of God’s face. Some had sex to be given a job by their lustful bosses, others involved themselves in corruption and others killed and so many other sins to get what they want. Most people are in a hurry to have good things but it’s an error. It should be little by little, step by step, and bit by bit to have it. HURRY A DECEIVING WAY

It’s better to do it slowly and enjoy it than rush it and regret it. God is full of patience. He was not in a hurry to create things_He created one by one Genesis 1:1-30. Impatience will attract temptation. You begin to see people you were at the same level higher than you, you feel jealous, you see your friends getting married and you feel hurt.

Whatever is happening in other people’s lives, you are different people you have your life and they have their life. Why should you be jealous, you are not them you are you. Don’t be a copy cat, be you. Your time is at hand rejoice. Jesus was forced to be King before the time of Him to be glorified. He refused because He knew that if He misses the process He will miss the promise also John 6:15. HURRY A DECEIVING WAY

Joseph went through the process to meet his promise. He had to go through a pit, Potiphar’s house ( face the wife), prison, and palace. He didn’t just get into the palace without facing his opponents. The Israelites had to pass through the wilderness to get to the promised land. Patience is the fruit of the spirit.

The act of patience is the required thing in life though we avoid it. Remember any shortcut in life can be a long cut if God is not involved. Being slow is not a problem but being stagnant. Hurry does not graduate your arrival. If you rush you crush. Any step you miss can call you back to finish it if not allowed by God when missed. Stay blessed.


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