No Room For Stress

The adverse circumstances Satan uses against us can create stress which attacks our entire beings, including our hearts and minds as well as our bodies. Stress is one of Satan’s deadliest strategies he uses to keep Christians living in a cycle of defeat.

The world we live in today is filled with stress. Stress is a sign of the times in which we live. No one is exempt from it! Large corporations have developed stress management programs to help their executives cope with the stress they must face day after day. There are books and seminars everywhere teaching various techniques of how to effectively cope with stress. There are even books written specifically to teach children how to deal with the stress in their lives.

Stress is considered public health enemy number one. It tears down our immune system and increases our susceptibility to almost every disease. It inhibits the body’s production of cancer fighting cells. Fifty percent of the two million deaths in the United States each year — two deaths every minute — are attributed to hypertension that has been brought on by stress.

The majority of Christians today have become victims of stress. Their minds and bodies have become weakened and many are suffering from sicknesses that are brought on by stress. It is time for us to recognize stress as more than just a sign of the times or a major contributing factor of disease. We must recognize stress as a weapon Satan uses to defeat us. We must know what stress is and how he uses it to attack and destroy us.

When Satan attacks through your circumstances, it triggers a response within you. If you are fearful, worried, or doubtful that God will deliver you in the circumstances you are facing, you will be full of stress. However, if you face the circumstances, trials, and tribulations Satan brings into your life full of faith and confidence in God, knowing that He will deliver you, then your heart and mind will be filled with a peace that passes all understanding. There will be no room for stress.

Make this declaration:

There is no room for stress in my life — so stress, get out in the name of Jesus!

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