1 Samuel 30:1-6

Perplexity! Stress! Fear! Worry! Hopelessness! Despair! Discouragement! Depression! Defeat! These negative forces permeate our environment and affect our society today. But, in the midst of these negative forces, we do not have to become victims of depression!

Regardless of the things which are coming upon this earth, regardless of the circumstances, trials, and attacks of Satan upon our minds and bodies, we do not have to become fearful, worried, or depressed as the rest of the world, who are living in darkness. SATAN’S STRATEGY OF DEPRESSION

You must recognize depression for what it really is — a major strategy Satan is going to use to defeat you. God has planned for your heart and mind to be filled with His peace which will keep you even during your greatest trial, temptation, or attack and will enable you to be victorious.

More than likely, you have been depressed at least one time during your life. You may feel discouraged or depressed right now concerning the circumstances you are facing. If you are depressed, I am believing God to set you free. SATAN’S STRATEGY OF DEPRESSION

In the massive attack Satan is now launching against the Church, God revealed to me Satan is using depression as a major strategy against Christians in an attempt to stop the progress we have been making in pushing back the forces of darkness in the nations of the world and winning souls into the Kingdom of God. I am warning you now, so you will be prepared and know how to take aggressive action to resist and defeat his attacks upon your mind. SATAN’S STRATEGY OF DEPRESSION

There are multiplied thousands of Christians today who are depressed and oppressed by Satan because they have failed to recognize depression as an attack of Satan and do not know how to fight and win the war over depression. They are being spiritually immobilized.

Many do not recognize when they are depressed. Those who do may try to ignore it. Most Christians consider depression a natural reaction when they face heavy trials or attacks of the enemy, such as long-term sickness, marital problems, death of a loved one, loss of a job, or extreme financial difficulties. SATAN’S STRATEGY OF DEPRESSION

There are ministers and Christian leaders who are experiencing “spiritual burnout.” They have been carrying such a heavy workload, pushing themselves twelve to fourteen hours a day, seven days a week, giving themselves unselfishly in meeting the needs of others by preaching the Word, praying for the sick, counseling, conducting meetings and seminars. Yet, they have failed to take time to spend in God’s presence being strengthened and refreshed by His Spirit. They have been so involved in fulfilling the ministry God has given them that they have failed to be renewed daily in the spirit of their minds.

Depression is a major tool of the enemy — but you do not have to succumb to it. God has promised you a one-hundred percent victorious mind. Take authority over depression today!

Make this declaration:

I take authority over depression. It will not operate in my life today.


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