The Victorious Mind

Jesus paid the price so we can have a one-hundred percent victorious mind. Satan no longer has power over us. He does not have power to make us sin. He cannot control our minds, thoughts, wills, and emotions. He has no power whatsoever over us except what we allow him to have. Yet, eighty or ninety percent of Christians today are living in defeat because they do not recognize that their minds are Satan’s battlefield, or they fail to resist and take offensive action against him

Satan is creating havoc in the minds of many Christians and the vast majority do not even recognize what is happening to them! Their minds are in a constant state of turmoil. They are continually being bombarded with fear, worry, doubt, and confusion, yet they do not understand Satan is attacking and a battle is raging.

There are Christians who are being tempted with carnal desires and lusts of the flesh. A fierce battle is raging within them. Satan has a vice-like grip on their minds and they are unable to be free of his tormenting spirits. They are unable to resist temptations and are yielding to them. As a result, their minds are filled with fear, guilt, and condemnation and they are defeated.

The majority of Christians today are in a weakened state of mind and are victims of depression. They are gripped with a sense of hopelessness, frustration, and despair. They are spiritually immobilized, unable to release their faith, to think clearly, to cope with the problems and circumstances they are facing. In this depressed state of mind, they feel the only way out is to escape, to run from their problems. In some severe cases of depression, their minds are in such turmoil they begin to think about suicide.

There are Christians sitting in our pews today who are oppressed by Satan. They are tormented, frustrated, and confused. Yet they are unable to take authority over Satan’s forces and walk in Christ’s victory because they do not know where and how Satan is attacking or how to defeat him.

There is no reason why God’s people today should live in defeat. There is no reason why they should be confused, worried, fearful, anxious, depressed, or oppressed in their minds. Jesus did not pay the supreme price and give His life as a sacrifice to free us from the power of sin so that we would live in victory over the enemy fifty percent, seventy percent, or even ninety-five percent of the time.

He did not give us the power of the Holy Spirit so we would be overcome by the enemy and walk around discouraged and defeated in our minds. Jesus did not come to earth, destroy the works of the devil, and free us from Satan’s power so that we would be fearful, weak, and powerless. Jesus paid the price so that you and I can have a one-hundred percent victorious mind one-hundred percent of the time!

Make this declaration:

Satan has no power over me except what I permit him to have. Therefore, I will not allow him to have any power at all!



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