The Foundation Of Answered Prayer

The Foundation Of Answered Prayer

When faced with a powerful enemy, King Jehoshaphat declared, “God, I know that it is not by might nor by power that we can ever defeat the enemy, no matter how large our armies are, nor how small the enemy’s armies. Lord, You have shown Israel over and over again that when they had the stronger army by numbers and trained warriors, they were defeated if You were not fighting for them. We know that our answers are not in numbers, but our answer is in Your power to deliver.”

Think of that for a moment. Begin to apply that thinking to your crises, to all the problems that are facing you today. It is not more money that will solve your financial problem — it is the blessing and power of God active and alive upon what you already possess, no matter how much it is. The answer to your sickness is not in greater or more expensive medical treatments or drugs, it is in the delivering power of Jesus Christ.

Jehoshaphat clearly established in his own mind exactly Who he was asking for deliverance and what the potential of that power had for him. In his hour of trial, Jehoshaphat, kept calm — or like our generation would say, “He kept his cool.” Fear drove him to prayer, but it was not a panic prayer.

It was a prayer that came from a sincere heart and mind that knew exactly where his petitions should be directed. As he heard himself recite the declaration of the power and glory of God, genuine faith began to build in his heart to approach God with his request. When he reached the point of asking, his faith had risen far above wishful thinking into the realm of positive knowledge of the delivering power of Jehovah God.

There is a dynamic spiritual secret of knowing how to come into God’s court, recognizing you are not coming to a man, a vessel, or instrument that is being used by God as a channel for blessing. You are coming to your very own Heavenly Father — the God Who created the heavens and the earth. You are actually speaking directly to Him.

You are not saying the Apostles Creed or reciting the Lord’s Prayer. You are communicating with the greatest power in heaven and earth. Think of it! God Almighty Himself.

Take this first step now and begin to put the foundation of answered prayer into place by making today’s declaration:

Make this declaration:

You are God. Everything in heaven and earth is under Your power. You are above all.

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