There are three different anointings described in the Old Testament. They are natural examples or types of spiritual experiences which God wants you to have: Leviticus 14:1-32

The first of these is the leper’s anointing. Leprosy is a dreaded disease which slowly consumes the flesh of its victim. The toes, fingers, and other body parts eventually rot and fall off. In Old Testament times a person with leprosy was banned from his community because the disease was contagious. To keep others from coming in contact with him he was required to cry out “unclean” wherever he went. Leprosy ate away the physical body and the leper died a painful death.

In the Bible, God uses natural examples to illustrate spiritual truths. Leprosy is used as an example of sin. Just as leprosy destroys the physical body, sin destroys you spiritually and will destroy your ministry.

In the Old Testament law, God gave specific instructions for the cleansing of a person with leprosy. Read these in Leviticus 14 in your Bible before proceeding with this lesson. Each of the instructions you just read are symbolic of the cleansing you must experience spiritually:

A Bird Bearing Away The Guilt Of Sin: This is symbolic of Jesus shedding His blood to bear away your sin.

Repentance And Confession: This is what you must do to be born again and cleansed from sin.

Running Water: This is symbolic of water baptism.

The Anointing Of Oil: This is symbolic of the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. Note that the oil was to be placed on the ear, thumb, and toe of the leper. Applying this to leadership, we must experience a similar spiritual anointing of…

The Ear: To be able to hear God’s voice.

The Hand: To be able to serve Him.

The Toe: To walk in proper relationship with Him.

If you are to emerge on the forefront of the end-time move of God, then you must experience the leper’s anointing!

Make this declaration:

The leper’s anointing enables me to hear God’s voice, serve Him, and walk-in a proper relationship with Him.

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