Watch Your Mouth


Beloved, many Christians today are forfeiting the promises of God because of the words coming out of their mouths. God had planned to establish them as a mighty people in the land “flowing with milk and honey,” but through their words they changed the entire course of their lives. James 4:11-12

Just as murmuring and complaining brought curses, death, and prevented the children of Israel from taking possession of their Promised Land, they have allowed Satan to gain a stronghold in the lives of many believers and have prevented them from taking possession of the promises of God. As a result, they have brought curses upon themselves. They have forfeited God’s blessings and are living in defeat. Through murmuring and complaining, they are speaking death into their circumstances instead of life.

Change the course of your life by changing your words. Repent of your murmuring and complaining. Set a watch over your mouth and refuse to allow any negative words of fear, doubt, discouragement, or defeat to come out of your mouth.

Gossip is one way Satan has weakened the Church. It is time for us to recognize gossip for what it is — a sin. Those who yield their tongues to gossip are yielding their tongues to Satan and bringing curses upon themselves. Set a watch over your mouth and guard your tongue from gossip. Refuse to listen to gossip. Do not allow yourself to become part of the “grapevine” in your church or on the job. When someone comes to you with gossip, take authority over it and quench it. Stop it in its tracks! Backbiting is another method through which Satan has gained entrance into the Church and has built a major stronghold.

Backbiting is a form of gossip with the specific purpose of saying mean or spiteful things about another individual. Backbiting is also referred to in the Word as “slander” or “false accusation.” It is finding fault with others and spreading innuendos and criticism

When a Christian yields his tongue to backbite and slander someone, he is speaking curses upon others and is bringing curses upon himself. Slander brings curses to three persons: the individual who is speaking, the individual spoken to, and the individual spoken about. Not only must we not speak evil of our brothers and sisters in the Lord, we are commanded not to speak evil of any man (James 4:11).

Make this declaration:

I will not slander or gossip about others. I will not speak evil of my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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